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December or the month where I will be broke.

There will be so many expenses to do this month that I don't know how I'll maintain my bank account in the green part.

-600.000 Won -> Dormitory fee for the Winter Session 
-100.000 wons-> Cellphone
-1350 EUROS -> Airplane ticket for Paris
-25.000 won New textbook for the Winter Session class
-200.000 wons -> EMS for starting to send everything back to France
-100.000 wons -> B-Day Party.
-100-200 euros for various Christmas gifts for friends and family.
-500 euros Imagine R Card (Paris+ Suburb of Paris Transportation card)

...Damn it. I can't wait to go back to France and start to work to have some money left. But seriously WTF airline? 1350 euros to go back to France? When a Paris-Seoul ticket is around 600euros? I mean Paris isn't that great, the date isn't in the middle of the holidays, and shit I'm a broken student. Fuck you Asiana, Korean Air and Air France for this price.

P.S: I need new icons.

I seriously need to get ride of this belly fat...

 So ISS, the summer session, is finally over. I've never been more glad to see something over. It was one of the worst summer ever. As a result I acted like if I was back to my home university, skipped a lot of classes, fall asleep during classes and when I was awake playing with my Itouch. 
Everyone around me acted like the ISS was the best stuff ever when it was not that great. Actually a lot of people complaining about how stressful and tiring ISS was. 
Ofc there were some good times but let's said that overall it's bad.
Right now I'm mentally and psychically exhausted. Glad to have two weeks to rest. 

I also had a few problem with a friend, which now become an ex-friend or more simply a acquaintance. I'm glad to have see her real jealous face. Now I'm not going to bother with her. Same thing with an other friend/acquaintance who didn't rent me 5 dollars when my credit card was lost. The same friend who doesn't pay for anything since her boyfriend pays for everything for her, including dormitory fees and food.

I seriously need to get ride of my belly fat. I need to start a diet ASAP. Because of all the tensions of the ISS I ate way too much and gain weight. I need to make it disappear. 

Bunch of homework I need to do...

 Because writing down this to-do list might actually motive me to do:


-Do the presentation for the Traditional Music Class. Also research for some videos and pictures and download the musi
-Write the review-homework for the Traditional Music Class. 
-Study for my finals.
-Review of a movie for the Korean Cinema Class
-Do the presentation about "The Others" theme in korean movies.

Other stuffs needs to do asap
-Go to the KLC for filling some administratives papers
-Go to the Woori Bank for the certificate of balance
-Fill up the papers for the extenstion of visa
-Change the date of my airplane ticket

I think that's all. Sunday is going to be a busy day. 
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Holidays is what I like the best in school life

Just get my grades, and I have to say that I'm proud of it. Got two "A" and two "B". Still didn't understand the GPA stuff but still it's enough for me. Actually we were three of us trying to understand what a GPA for like five minutes or less before giving up.
Even though I worked lesser than I do in France I get better grades. I guess professors here are more nice or something like that. I could have been major of my promotion for 0.5 points. It's reassuring me because I was starting to believe that I was useless and brainless. Honestly school life here is so much better. They offers dozens of different class, and more importantly you only have to get 80 credits in four years to be graduate. Far from our diploma, which ask for 160 credits in three years.

On a side note, I'm glad to see that CSJH is back. Wish SM will promote them decently and not just use them while others artist are preparing their comeback.  Glad to see that T-ara made a decent comeback, finally. Roly-Poly might not be their best song but it's still the best song of the summer imo. Wish f(x) and 2ne1 would actually use their vocals in their songs instead of relying on auto-tunes.

I need to go shopping. I want to bought a few tee shirt and a dress for the summer. Plus I'm tired of my old clothes. It's been over a year since I bought clothes =_= 
Saw a bunch of movies in the cinema. Will try to do a quick reviews about them later.
Little Red Hooding


 I'm leaving the country thursday, so 


I should be able to check LJ at least once in a week though. 

Enjoy your holidays LJ friends!