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Back to the land of depression

 So just like this a year flew away. I can't realize that it's already been a year since I landed in Seoul. So many things have changed since. I grew up as an adult and this year away from my family, helped me to control my life better.
No one to tell me what to do, how I should do it etc. I also get dozen of new friends, and be able to experience the ~night life~ thanks to them.
Honestly it's only been a day since I'm back in Paris and everything looks so...grey. People are depressed, everything is expensive, and more importantly I lost my ability to do my choice for everything.

Anyways this year away also helped me to find my confidence again, and make me love uni again. France's teaching style is already know to be bad but this experience away make me realize how bad it is. 

Hopefully I will be able to graduate this year and then go back to Korea or any other country for graduate school.

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