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I'm a big girl

I'm so pissed off. This ex-friend who’s suddenly stopped to talk to me a few months ago without any reason is now telling to all our friends that I am the one responsible for this and I am the one who ignored her first. Like WTF? I messaged you, tried to talk to you you've avoided me. Ofc I stopped being friendly to you and ignore you. It pisses me off because she told this and some people actually believe her. It's okay the people who really knows me know the truth but still.
I really want to confront her about it but once again this girl keeps pretending that she doesn't need anyone and that I will be the one who will go to seek her. So, I will not go to see her. I'd rather die.

I just deleted her on my FB friends' list. I don't see the point of pretending anymore. 
Tags: life: friendship&betray
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