Nana (sassylina) wrote,

December or the month where I will be broke.

There will be so many expenses to do this month that I don't know how I'll maintain my bank account in the green part.

-600.000 Won -> Dormitory fee for the Winter Session 
-100.000 wons-> Cellphone
-1350 EUROS -> Airplane ticket for Paris
-25.000 won New textbook for the Winter Session class
-200.000 wons -> EMS for starting to send everything back to France
-100.000 wons -> B-Day Party.
-100-200 euros for various Christmas gifts for friends and family.
-500 euros Imagine R Card (Paris+ Suburb of Paris Transportation card)

...Damn it. I can't wait to go back to France and start to work to have some money left. But seriously WTF airline? 1350 euros to go back to France? When a Paris-Seoul ticket is around 600euros? I mean Paris isn't that great, the date isn't in the middle of the holidays, and shit I'm a broken student. Fuck you Asiana, Korean Air and Air France for this price.

P.S: I need new icons.
Tags: finance, life: general

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