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I though I didn't need a man to be happy

To be quite honest I didn't really cared about men and finding a boyfriend these last months. Mainly because I have been so busy with school and clubs. Secondly because I was tired of looking for the ideal guy.

Then I just had to bump into him. My crush. It have been months since the last time I see him, making me kind of forget my crush but now I can't help but thinking how stupid I was for not trying harder to be a friend with him. I mean we more like acquaintance so yeah it's not like I can decently see him everyday, specially since our clubs activities are different yet in the same time.
This guy is perfect. This like the first time I have a crush on someone since high school. Four years. He is tall, cute yet charismatic and so cool. And he is so nice and have an adorable smile.
I still remember the first time I met him and when he asked to take a picture with me. I was so surpised and happy to be ask lol. Anyways getting back to my crush I wish I could try something to be at least friend with him. I have no illusion I'm not the kind of doing to first step and it's not like he have a facebook so I can track him or anything. 

Now that the official semester started I'm crossing my finger to bump into him in the corridors or to the crossroads like it often happened last semester. Just so we can have some random talking and you know keep in touch.
This is so ironic. Last week again I was saying to my friend that my love life, or lack of, didn't really bother me. I'm used to it and I'm not one of these girls who aren't afraid to ask a guy out. But then like everytime I'm happy with my life, he appears and makes me question everything.

Oh, and by the way two guys hits on me. Actually three, counting the guy in a bar at Jongkak. But none of them interested me, even though all my friends keeps telling me I should just pick one of them. But I'm way to romantic, in a Disney-way, for doing it. I should stop watching Disney/Romantic movie rofl

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