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Goodbye hero of my childhood~

So I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Four time but that's not the point.

I cried during the castle battle, specially when I saw how they treated Fred's character. I cried while reading it in the book, I cried in the cinema... Fred was is one of my favorite character from the books, so I was pretty emotional about it.
Otherwise some scenes are kind of useless, or simply not well treated. Especially the one in the beginning in the movie. Otherwise the all movie was brilliant. One of the best movies in the saga in my opinion.
Is it me or are the actors improved in this last movie? I really thought they act well, this time. Even though I still consider that Rupert Grint is the best actor in the three main leads actor.

This is weird to realize that a chapter of my life is official closed. I started to read HP when I was in middle school, first year of middle school and now I'm a university student. Harry, basically have been with me during all my school year. I'll never forget how my french teacher in high school told me he thought I was immature for still reading it. I was so pissed off that my favorite hobby after that was to piss off this teacher during every period I had with him. LOL I was already a butthurt fan back then. 
Anyway seeing this movie made me realize that it is the end of my childhood. 

Mid-term start this week. I haven't studied yet and I don't have any idea for my presentation for Korean Cinema. 

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