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Solo Artist

*OutsiderVol.2 Maestro
                  Vol. 2.5 Acquaintance 

*Lee Hyori: Volume 4

*Gil Me: Love Cut
               Love is War

Girl Group

*Kara: Vol.1 First Blooming
            1st Mini Album Rock U
            2nd Mini Album Pretty Girl
            Revolution Poster

*SNSD:  Repackage Album Vol.2 Run Devil Run
               Repackage Album Run Devil Run Poster
              The 1st Asia Concert Collectible -Mobile Strass (TY, SY, HY)
                                                                      -USB Key
                                                                     -Poster Set (9pcs)
             Star Collection Card (15 pack)
             Vol. 1 - Baby Baby (CD+DVD) (Taiwan Version)
             Sweet Memories with Girls' Generation (J-Pop Compilation)
             Heart 2 Heart With Girls' Generation

*T-Ara: Vol 1 Repackage Breaking Heart Album Normal Edition
             God Of Study Poster (JiYeon)
             God of Study OST (JiYeon)

*After School: 3rd Single Bang! 
                           2nd Single Because of You
Boy Bands:

*Beast: 2nd Mini Album Shock Of The New Era

*SHINee: 2nd Mini Album Romeo

*ZE:A (Children of Empire): 2nd Single Leap for Detonation 
                                                  1st Single Nativity
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