Little Bird/Sansa GOT

Clap de fin

I have printed all the files for transferring from my current uni and major. I can't believe I've waited so long to do it. Now all I have left is to cross fingers.

Last week, I've been invited to a private session, along with a lot of critics/producers to see a new movie which is plan to be release in 2 months. The whole event was so surrealist for me. It was like a dream, to be here to watch this movie with so many important people. Rumors even said that Cannes' Festival president was also here, but I didn't really pay any attention to the people because I was way too stressed. Ugh.

And because summer is around the corner and that my hair decided to go blonde despite what I want, I've decided to go to the hairdresser to color my hair. Maybe in dark blond or something like that.

I need a new start in my life and the end of this -scholar- year seems to be the good moment to do it.
Little Red Hooding

Back to the land of depression

 So just like this a year flew away. I can't realize that it's already been a year since I landed in Seoul. So many things have changed since. I grew up as an adult and this year away from my family, helped me to control my life better.
No one to tell me what to do, how I should do it etc. I also get dozen of new friends, and be able to experience the ~night life~ thanks to them.
Honestly it's only been a day since I'm back in Paris and everything looks so...grey. People are depressed, everything is expensive, and more importantly I lost my ability to do my choice for everything.

Anyways this year away also helped me to find my confidence again, and make me love uni again. France's teaching style is already know to be bad but this experience away make me realize how bad it is. 

Hopefully I will be able to graduate this year and then go back to Korea or any other country for graduate school.

Little Red Hooding

Movies, movies, movies...

I've spend my entire afternoon and night to watch movies. Among these movies was Polisse.

I have like so many feeling about Polisse. This movie is just so...everything. It's good but not too good and the story...The story itself is just some little stories put together to show us the reality. I mean I know this is a movie and all but by watching this movie, I know most of the stuff were sadly true. This generation is just pointless and messed up. The end was surprising. I didn't thought it will end like that. Ugh I don't know how to express my feelings about this movie.

Seriously it's no wonder why it gets 12 nominations for the Cesars, beating The Artist. Everything about Polisse is so true, real and yet fictional.

I need to...

-Go shopping. Sales in France and Korea? My wardrobe needs new clothes. Some of the clothes I have are from middle school.
-Do my homework. 2 essays in korean, 2 lectures about Jinx and something else -as long it is not about cardiac diseases it should be okay-
-Finish reading "Legendes Arthurienne"
-Clean the room
-Take care of myself. Already bought a lot of products for my face, nails etc at Innisfree
-Straighten my hair for school.
Little Red Hooding

I'm a big girl

I'm so pissed off. This ex-friend who’s suddenly stopped to talk to me a few months ago without any reason is now telling to all our friends that I am the one responsible for this and I am the one who ignored her first. Like WTF? I messaged you, tried to talk to you you've avoided me. Ofc I stopped being friendly to you and ignore you. It pisses me off because she told this and some people actually believe her. It's okay the people who really knows me know the truth but still.
I really want to confront her about it but once again this girl keeps pretending that she doesn't need anyone and that I will be the one who will go to seek her. So, I will not go to see her. I'd rather die.

I just deleted her on my FB friends' list. I don't see the point of pretending anymore.