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Clap de fin

I have printed all the files for transferring from my current uni and major. I can't believe I've waited so long to do it. Now all I have left is to cross fingers.

Last week, I've been invited to a private session, along with a lot of critics/producers to see a new movie which is plan to be release in 2 months. The whole event was so surrealist for me. It was like a dream, to be here to watch this movie with so many important people. Rumors even said that Cannes' Festival president was also here, but I didn't really pay any attention to the people because I was way too stressed. Ugh.

And because summer is around the corner and that my hair decided to go blonde despite what I want, I've decided to go to the hairdresser to color my hair. Maybe in dark blond or something like that.

I need a new start in my life and the end of this -scholar- year seems to be the good moment to do it.